Our Story


Maison étoile was founded in 2016 by a childhood friend duo, Perry and Diane, after observing that many of their otherwise “together” lady friends wore beautiful outfits during the day, then changed into hole-covered t-shirts and old boxers at night.

After exploring why, the answer seemed to be lack of options - sleepwear available just wasn’t cutting it. Pajamas were either the wrong style (read: overtly sexy or dumpy), hard to manage (dry clean only), made with synthetics (which make sleepwear feel soft to the touch, but not breathable for sleeping), or too expensive.

So, they searched the globe for the most beautiful natural materials, and settled on Italian-woven cotton; developed sleepwear styles that were consistent with what women today want to be wearing, inspired by chic Parisian styles; found a female-owned Boston-based factory to make the garments; decided to sell to our customers directly, to keep our prices as low as possible; and voila! Maison étoile was born.

Their ultimate dream is to build a business that promotes sleep and wellness, with nap pods and soft lighting, run by women who proudly wear their pajamas to work.